How to Pick your Perfect Beginner Ski-wear this Season

Avoriaz Morzine

The team is gearing up for a bumper winter this year, and we’re so glad to be welcoming back guests after the Covid pandemic saw a severely limited number of tourists in 2020. We're super-excited to be able to share the wonderful Morzine-Avoriaz ski region with them once again.

If you're stepping out on to the slopes for the very first time, there’s a good chance that new ski gear may be on your agenda. While fashion can be a big thing on the hill, your first time on the slopes may not warrant designer ski wear with a price to match.

After all, you may not enjoy it (although we highly doubt that’ll be the case). Instead, practicality may be at the forefront – and we go into details in this guide.

A Beginner’s Guide to Skiwear

As a beginner skier, there are two main boxes you should be looking to tick when buying your gear for the first time: practicality and price.

When you first head out on to the slopes, unless you’re a truly gifted natural, the likelihood is that you will spend a lot of time lying on the snow – not necessarily out of your own choice! It’s a rite of passage for every beginner skier, but nevertheless one that you need to be prepared for.

This means you should consider the following factors when choosing your first set of ski clothes:


As a first step, looking for ski-wear with a high waterproof rating is the best place to start. This is to ensure that when those inevitable wipeouts arrive, you are kept warm, dry and comfortable. Look out for the waterproof rating when browsing, as this is the crucial number – ratings range from below 5k all the way up to 28k, which is the most waterproof material on the market.

Anything less than 10k will be inadequate for beginner skiers. We recommend looking at the 15k to 20k range, which will give you from a few hours up to all day protectivity.


The second desirable quality is breathability – so that despite being kept dry, you are not sweating through your clothes by lunchtime as a result of your activities! When browsing for your gear, you may notice two numbers in this format: 15k/10k. This means a waterproof rating of 15k, and a breathability rating of 10k – a pretty good jacket.

A lack of breathability will lead to becoming overly sweaty, damp and then very cold and uncomfortable – so make sure to pay enough attention to both values. A highly waterproof jacket isn’t necessarily breathable or vice versa, so make sure to pay close attention.


Your ski jacket and trousers are the outer shell of your outfit, as particularly as a beginner, you’ll need an inner layer of warmth, too. This applies to your top half, bottom half, and your hands. You can purchase thermal tops, trousers, and glove inserts fairly easily – with even stores like Primark offering their own thermal wear.


One of the biggest barriers to entry when it comes to not only skiing but all winter sports, is the price of equipment. Whether this is specialist clothing such as coats, gloves and boots, or practical items such as skis, poles and goggles, finding a balance between cheap and hardy is something you’ll want to spend a bit of time doing.

While it’s easy to hire a pair of skis or a snowboard, when it comes to clothing, to find this balance, we recommend checking out last season’s stock, which will be greatly reduced in price but still brand new and of the same quality as this season. Alternatively, take a look at unbranded clothing, which will be just as practical without the price tag. Two sites that will likely have all that you need are Absolute Snow and Mountain Warehouse.

It’s important not to compromise on practicality and quality – but as a beginner, ensure you’re not spending heaps of money on items that you may only use for one holiday, as you don’t know just yet whether skiing is the one for you.

Chalet Heavenly and Chalet Blissful are the Perfect Base for Learners

Our stunning alpine ski chalets are located right on the edge of the Morzine ski resort, a fantastic resort for all skill groups – including beginners. You’ll find plentiful training slopes amongst the beautiful alpine landscape, with slopes of increasing difficulty available for you to test your newfound skills.

Why not book Chalet Heavenly or Chalet Blissful, so you can return to absolute comfort and luxury at the end of a hard day. Talk to a member of our friendly team today, by visiting the contact form on our website.


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