Food for thought

After a hard day of sliding down the mountainside or exploring the breathtaking scenery of the Portes du Soleil region, there’s only one thing on many people’s minds - food. Fortunately the French Alps, like the rest of the country, offers a rich and varied cuisine often inspired by recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation - the perfect indulgence for warming up after a cold day in the snow.

Read on for a few examples of delicious dishes your personal chef might whip up for you to sample in the splendid surroundings of Chalet Heavenly.

Raclette - originating from Switzerland, Raclette is a popular dish on the French slopes and it’s easy to understand why. Special cheese is melted using individual grills to your taste and then poured over baby potatoes, cured meats and pickles (or anything you think will be improved by a lovely layer of cheese).

Tartiflette - this simple French recipe combines potatoes, reblochon cheese, cream and lardons to create a delicious hearty meal that’s sure to thaw even the most frozen of skiers.

Le Farcement - otherwise known as le farçon, this impressive creation is a speciality of the Savoie Mont Blanc region and is truly a traditional taste of the Alps. Le farcement is made by lining a deep dish with bacon and filling the centre with a mixture made from onions, potatoes, prunes, raisins and cream.

Crozets - these small flat pieces of pasta are made from wheat or buckwheat and can be served on their own with cheese or as a delightful accompaniment to other dishes such as diots, a type of French sausage, or croziflette, a variation of le farcement.

Tarte aux Myrtilles - a simple yet flavoursome dessert bursting with fresh blueberries nestled in a pastry casing. Divine.

Le Genepi - enjoy a glass of le genepi to wash it all down with. This herbal digestifs is made from a local plant of the same name and has a refreshing herbal taste not unlike chamomile.

These delectable dishes are just a sample of the divine cuisine traditionally found in the Portes du Soleil region. To learn more about the food served at Chalet Heavenly, please get in touch today.

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