Best Morzine Bars and Nightlife Spots: A Local's Guide

Whether you’re looking to get your groove on into the early hours or catch up on the day’s antics over a quiet pint, Morzine literally has a watering hole for every occasion.

The team that looks after Chalet Heavenly and Chalet Blissful has spent many a winter season in Morzine, so we know where to go when you’re searching for that certain vibe. 

In our list of the eight best bars in Morzine, we cover the best bars to head to for après, the best places for a late night, and where you should go if you want to enjoy more of Morzine’s local haunts.

If you like to plan your eating as well as your drinking, you may want to take a look at our guide to the best restaurants in Morzine

From a pre-party refuel to a post-après snack that’ll carry you through to dinner, it’s a guide that’ll get those tastebuds tingling. 

The Best Bars and Nightlife Spots in Morzine

Here are Chalet Heavenly’s top eight bars in Morzine:

1.    Cavern – Best bar in Morzine for covering all bases 
2.    Le Tremplin – Best bar in Morzine for après off the mountain 
3.    Tibetan – Best bar in Morzine for post-dinner drinks
4.    Café Chaud – Best bar in Morzine for drum and bass
5.    Happy Hours – Best bar in Morzine for access to Montriond
6.    Dixie Bar – Best bar in Morzine for live music 
7.    L'Opera – Best bar in Morzine for a late night 
8.    Chez Roger– Best bar in Morzine for chilled beer
9.    Le Coup de Coeur – Best bar in Morzine for wine drinkers

Read on to find out more about our favourite Morzine bars.

Our Top 9 Morzine Bars: Everything you need to know

Want to find out more about why we’ve chosen these bars as our favourites? Here’s why: 


The best bar in Morzine for covering all bases

Cavern is the best bar in Morzine to go to if you’re looking for a lively party and you’re in the mood to dance in your ski boots. It’s also the ideal bar if you want to be in the centre of town -  just in case you want to hop across the road for a round of pool at Coyote Bar. Or you could walk one minute down the road to Tibetan if you feel like more of a lounge-bar feel. In terms of nightlife, Cavern really offers everything – from live music to DJ sets – and, as the unofficial gateway to L’Opera, it's open late, so you can even head back after dinner for a groove on the dance floor. 

2.Le Tremplin

The best bar in Morzine for après off the mountain

By day, Le Tremplin is a chilled hotel-come-bar serving delicious lunches for people popping down the Pleney run for a bite to eat. By 4pm, the tables turn – quite literally. The DJs start spinning their decks and the pints start pouring. People start climbing on to tables, moving to electro-swing and the best mountain beats. The party continues all the way until 8pm, making it one of the latest running après sessions in Morzine – and the perfect stop off if you're looking to carry your post-ski party right up to dinner.

3.Tibetan Bar

The best bar in Morzine for post-dinner drinks

It’s time to experience everything Morzine's nightlife has to offer – but you don’t want to head to the dance floor straight away, especially because you’re full after a delicious three course meal cooked for you by Chalet Heavenly's chef. Tibetan has more of a chilled lounge feel, so it’s a great place for big groups to head to for some casual drinks before you feel the party vibes kicking in. Previous Chalet Heavenly groups have indulged in magnums of Grey Goose, Champagne, and delicious cocktails – and then continued the night until the early hours at L’Opera down the road. 

4. Café Chaud

The best bar in Morzine for drum and bass

It’s true – Café Chaud isn’t for everyone. But it is an absolute hotspot for locals and chalet guests who are looking for a more alternative music scene. While L’Opera is perfect for those who want to boogie to the latest club tunes, Café Chaud is the best nightlife spot in Morzine for those who like to experience the dirtier side to music. With seasonnaires and locals throwing their wildest shapes to the early hours, and drinks some of the cheapest in town, Café Chaud is not for the faint-hearted. 

5. Happy Hours

The best bar in Morzine for access to Montriond

Technically, Happy Hours is situated closer to Avoriaz than it is Morzine, but when it’s the closest après bar to Chalet Heavenly, we can’t keep it off the list. Happy Hours sits at the bottom of the Ardent ski lift – the closest Avoriaz access point for people staying in Montriond and the villages surrounding Morzine. The bar is extremely popular with seasonnaires and throws some great parties, with live DJs turning tables on its terrace. 

6. Dixie Bar

The best bar in Morzine for live music

It’s not all about the DJ sets, and those in search of the feet stomping live music après in Morzine can often rely on Dixie Bar to provide that. The home of Irish band Dixie Micks, there’s a long-standing understanding that if the band are in town, Dixie Bar is not to miss. And when the band isn't in town, keep an eye out on the sign as you walk up Morzine high street for any live music that they have going on – you really don’t want to miss out on the atmosphere. 

7. L’Opera

The best bar in Morzine for partying until the early hours

It’s true – most people don’t head to L’Opera until they’re ready for their last stop of the night. This means the club doesn’t really start filling up until 11pm. But when it does – it’s good vibes all round until the very early hours. Like any club, the drinks prices are on the high side – but in return, you get a dance floor full of people giving their all to the best club tunes and chart hits. If the alternative music scene is more your vibe, then Café Chaud at the other end of the town could be the place for you. 

8.Chez Roger and the Strip

The best bar in Morzine for a chilled beer

If you’re looking to enjoy a civilised pint in a buzzing atmosphere, Chez Roger is probably the bar for you. It’s a proper locals bar, with the French landlord giving you that French-style slightly brush-offish service. But if you’re looking for a place for decently priced pints and a chilled, yet buzzy atmosphere, Chez Roger – or Rogers at it’s known to locals – is a great option. For those looking for a bit of a bar crawl, try Bar Robinson and Dixie Bar at the same time – they’re all on the same street and all bring something slightly different to the après table. 

8.Le Coup de Coeur 

The best bar in Morzine for a wine drinkers

In the cave of La Chamade is Le Coup de Coeur, a traditional French wine bar that offers an unrivalled selection of French wines for you to try. If you fancy some evening drinks away from the lively nightlife of Morzine centre, this little gem is the perfect haunt. To complement your wine choice, the team offers tapas Morzinoises - great for an afternoon snack or a quick bite to eat. Or perhaps you'd like a selection of cheeses to try with your wine? If you fancy something more substantial, La Chamade serve their delicious pizzas in Le Coup de Coeur, too! 


The best bars and nightlife spots in Morzine: a roundup

So there you have it, the best bars in Morzine according to the Chalet Heavenly team are Cavern, Le Tremplin, Tibetan, Café Chaud, Happy Hours, Dixie Bar, L’Opera, Chez Roger, and Le Coup de Coeur. 

Morzine’s nightlife scene really is a right mixing pot and there truly is something for everyone. Chalet Heavenly guests can enjoy a private shuttle service to and from Morzine’s bars until 10pm.

Any of these bars are a fantastic option for those staying at Chalet Blissful, too  - why not stop by one of these bars before you head to one of Morzine's many restaurants? 

Why not book your stay at Chalet Heavenly or reserve Chalet Blissful to discover Morzine’s amazing bar scene for yourself?

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